Monday, January 24, 2011

Perfect timing

I do believe I have found the largest barrette on the planet! We were getting along fine until I tried to put it in my hair for a photograph. It fell right out again and again - darn straight hair. A few minutes later, my dear friend Katrina swung by to drop something off. She has the prettiest, curliest hair in the land and it is always done in a cute up-do. I asked her to be my hair model and she obliged.


Kellie W. said...

That's so pretty! My mom used to have one similar to that, but I'm sure she threw it out years ago. :/

lauren said...

i saw that hair photo and was like ???? how did duff DO that to her hair!? i need to go to california!

Bess Georgette said...

Oh, that is gorgeous!
It's beautiful hair accessories like this that *almost* make me want to grow my short hair out.

Vintage Seen said...

wow it is huge and completely fabulous. they slip out of my hair too, I always look at other people wearing them with envy...mine needs to come with a gluestick. Love that one.

Hazel said...

That's what friends are for... it sure looks pretty.

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