Friday, January 28, 2011

To be 30

I turn thirty on Sunday. I am OK with it and here is why |

1. Bottom line, I'm fortunate to be alive and celebrating another 365 days of life.
2. Most of the coolest women I know are in their 30s and I am happy to join their ranks.
3. I've been waiting 24 years for the Thirtysomething theme song to apply to me.
4. My mom was a cutie when she was 30 (above w/me) so I've got good genes.
5. I get to eat my favorite cake.
6. It seems that life is getting better as it goes on - marriage, friends, work, the whole bit.
7. I bought myself a "turning 30 dress" from Dear Golden Vintage.
8. If I am going to be an elite runner, this is supposedly the decade that it will happen for me.
9. I am planning a third decade dinner in the near future at this restaurant.
10. About two years ago, I saw my 30-something crisis waiting for me up ahead like a big, grabby monster. I changed some things in my life and jumped to a different path and I think I've managed to miss it.


The Belly Dancer said...

Happy Birthday! And your mom was very beautiful! I thought that was you.

Zohar said...

That's fabulous! Happy birthday Duff - you have the most wonderful attitude toward things :)

Vintage Seen said...

amazing! you look so much like your Mum. 30s are so great, I'm very close to 40's now and that seems genuinely wishes for your birthday and for the next fabulous decade ahead, it'll be a great one for sure if the above is anything to go by!

Maria Ramona said...

i know what you mean-- i was a basket case about turning 30 in the year or two leading up to it, but once it passed it was a relief and you are right, the 30s will just get better and better every year! Happy Birthday!

ann said...

happy happy birthday to you duff!! is good!

Bess Georgette said...

I wasn't the best person to be around in the lead up to my 30th. In fact, I had to leave the country to distract myself!

But after a little reflection I realised, just like yourself, that I was okay with reaching this milestone in my life. Your reasons are spot on!

Happy Birthday Duff!
Let them eat Red Velvet Cake! Yum!
x Teresa

Dirty Betty Vintage said...

Have a wonderful birthday!

Wild Tea Party said...

You look so much like your mum Duff! I hope you have a lovely birthday. And Red Velvet is my favorite too! I've loved it ever since my American born boss introduced me to it.

A. Edwards said...

Happy Birthday. As you remember I just turned 30 as well and these are all great reasons to appreciate the day. I can also attest that I lived through it. I am now 30 and 25 days!

Feronia said...

Happy birthday! Adore your blog :)

deborah said...

i really liked my thirties, but i'm groovin' my forties. embrace life, happy birthday!!!!

Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Duff! I am so excited for the adventures your 30's have to hold!

dietplaid said...

Happy Birthday! I always thought 30 was so old, but now I have so many friends in their 30's or close to being 30 and I realize how much life they have and how awesome 30 is! Rock on!

Proper Paige said...

I love the picture of you with your mom. And I have found that the 30s are by far my favorite decade. Happy birthday, and hope you find the same!

EllenTenTen said...

Jean Jean, do tell us about your crisis premonition and jump to a different sounds very intriguing and possibly inpsiring!

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