Monday, July 23, 2012

Climbing rope bracelets

Is this bracelet dorky? I've lost all perspective. Maybe it is the inner 3rd grader in me that loves the wrap style and the colorful, woven pattern. Think friendship bracelets. Think snap bracelets. The clasp on this is really cool (stainless steel and magnetic), too. I love it and I can't take it off. Oh, and it glows in the dark. Help. Me. I might be buying a few more (including some chunkier ones) from this company.


DADmo+co said...

Hey, Jean Jean. Lovin' the love! Not dorky! We're all about Rugged (that's okay for girls, isn't it?), Colorful, and Fun. DADmo+co

RockRushIndia said...

Beautiful bracelets.

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