Friday, May 10, 2013

Daisy, Jordan, Myrtle ▴ Jewelry picks for the Gatsby women


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Tonight is the big night! I know many of you will be off to see the new The Great Gatsby - how exciting! I just re-watched the 1970s version this week, which will probably remain my favorite because of the tawny quality of the filming, the sweatiness (yes, I love that) and the actors, including my girl crush Lois Chiles as Jordan.

I took the liberty of picking out a few things for the leading ladies of that film version. What do you think?

Daisy: ultra feminine, soft, classic, expensive, safe, vain
Materials: Diamonds, pearls, platinum

Jordan: young, athletic, self-assured, unmarried, stylish, sexy
Materials: cut steel, onyx, bakelite, amethyst

Myrtle: garish, colorful, desirable, desperate, doomed
Materials: Glass, celluloid, ribbon, enamel, paint


steph.kelley said...

Your picks are the cat's pajamas! :) I do love a good period piece -- will have to go see this one. xoxoxo

ElleSee said...

I had intended to read the book again before seeing the movie, which never happened -- I'm going tonight -- but the story all came flooding back to me by reading this post, especially Myrtle. I am in love with Jordan, too. She has such an amazing voice in that film. I'm a little anxious to see Leo as Gatsby, though, because I really enjoy Robert Redford's Gatsby.

LC from the world of ellesee

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