Monday, June 9, 2014

Fellow's Antique & Modern Jewelry Auction, June 12th

Have you ever bid in a jewelry auction, online or in person? There is one coming up this Thursday, June 12th, that caught my eye. The auction house is Fellows & Sons, a family-owned auctioneers based in the old jewelry quarter of Birmingham, UK. They are a bustling house, presenting nearly 100 auctions a year and (lucky for us!) specializing in antique and modern jewelry. They make it easy to bid online via the-salesroom and they present a sensational full-color catalog. You can download the whole shabang on the Antique & Modern Jewelry auction homepage. I've picked out a few of my favorites here:

a ▴ Lot 105 / mid-century 18k gold, coral and diamond dress ring
b ▴ Lot 385 / Victorian garnet cabochon necklace with enamel hand and woven hair reverse
c ▴ Lot 37 / Victorian 18k gold, pearl and diamond ring
d ▴ Lot 472 / Early 20th century 18k gold diamond and enamel flower brooch
e ▴ Lot 9 / Early 20th century silver, 9 ct gold, sapphire and diamond cluster brooch
f ▴ Lot 87 / Pair of 18k gold ear clips
g ▴ Lot 30 / 1970s 18k gold synthetic color change sapphire ring
h ▴ Lot 81 / Early 20th century gold, diamond and gem-set bird brooch
i ▴ Lot 378 / Late 19th century gold amethyst cameo pendant
j ▴ Lot 287 / Late 19th century 15k gold, turquoise and diamond pendant
k ▴ Lot 361 / Mid 19th century 15k gold, diamond and ruby bangle
l ▴ Lot 11 / Mid 20th century novelty oar pendant
m ▴ Lot 318 / cultured five-row bracelet with ruby clasp

As for me, I'm planning to toss my hat in the ring for one lot on Thursday. If I win, I'll be sure to share a victory photo here and on Instagram!
Here's a pro tip: Even if you don't plan to bid this week, I encourage you to check out the catalog. Most of us don't have the opportunity to view such variety and quality of jewelry as this in person but a great catalog is a nice consolation prize. Plus, you can learn a lot from reading item descriptions and it is always interesting to review the hammer/realized prices from past auctions.

This post is part of a collaboration with Fellows & Sons


Ana said...

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Anonymous said...

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