Thursday, October 23, 2014

Custom Victorian glass signet seal rings

I recently acquired several Victorian glass intaglio seals, loose and begging to be set as rings. I've chosen to set them simply in 10K yellow gold. The prongs grip the seal at the beveled side, allowing the intaglio face to remain unhindered (i.e. if you want to actually stamp with your ring, you can!) The seals are deep, giving the rings an impressive profile. Orders placed by the middle of November can be ready in time for Christmas - what a perfect gift! $680 + shipping. Layaway optional.

The signets read, left to right, top to bottom:
Elle est legere (It is lightweight), with an image of a chain
Paix a mon ami (Peace to my friend), with a dove and laurel branch
Je me change qu'en mourant (I will remain steadfast until death), with a leaf SOLD
Le globe est ma patrie (the planet is my nation/country), with a globe
Qui me neglige, me perd (He who neglects me, loses me), with a bird escaping a cage SOLD
May the (wings) of friendship never lose (a feather), with wings and a feather
Repondez s'il vous plait (Reply, if you please)
A's well that ends well . . . , with a thistle
Usque ad cineres (Until ashes), with clasped hands
We part to meet again, with a pair of scissors SOLD 

If you are interested in ordering a custom ring, please contact me.


sophie evans said...

Victorian is a great period for jewelry. I would die to go to a big jewelry show like those of NYC and admire vintage pieces "in the flesh". What you are showing us here is great.

Ben StarHarvest said...

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Ricky Marten said...

wonderful collection of Victorian glass signet seal rings by fine jewelry designers. thanks! jean vintage for offering us this unique collection of rings.

Ecksand Ecksand said...

Awesome ! Supper likes!
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Debashis Sharma said...

So much prettier in person. Very petite and beautiful, understates but simply gorgeous. The picture is nice but we have a million times better antique jewelry .
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Iski Uski said...

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