Monday, February 22, 2010

The most beautiful necklace in the room, depending on the room

I found this stunning choker (1920's or 30's) at a consignment store in town. I love the faceted crystal beads, gradated in size oh so slightly. I love the carnelian beads. But most of all, I love the clasp mechanism. A push clasp, hidden behind the giant bezel-set rhinestone. The rhinestone is worn in the front.

This is the prettiest necklace I own . . . it dazzles me. To me, it is one of a kind. But one visit to my great local antique shop, or a few clicks around Georgian Jewelry or Shihtzuwest, and I realize that there are thousands of necklaces, rings, brooches, etc. like mine (and better) out in the world.

This realization actually comforts me. Greatly. I am just happy to own a very, very, very tiny piece of the vintage-jewelry pie.


lauren said...

real real gorgeous - you need to wear it soon!

arubin said...

MAN, this is lovely! I want to go shopping with you!

amy said...

WANT. My b-day is Dec.13 just so you know... ;)

RockRushIndia said...

The necklace is not only for the women, they are a lot of men’s necklace are available on the market. There are simple chains that can authority pendants and there are adorned pieces that charge no added adornments.

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