Friday, February 26, 2010

Where they live now

I've been collecting jewelry for a while, but I really started buying last fall. Before I knew it, my little pile of pretty things had grown to dozens of items and I had absolutely no place to store everything. Since half the fun of collecting is being able to see what you have so that you may properly admire, I was left feeling very unsatisfied.

Then I found this box at Lucky Haskins last weekend. It was kinda gross - the compartments were dirty and some even had the mummified remains of those creepy crawly 1000 leg things. But it was made of wood (LOVE), it had compartments (LOVE), it was handmade (LOVE) and it was old. So I bought the box - let's call him Mr. Brown - brought him home and spent about an hour in my driveway scrubbing him out. My intention was not to make him glow, just to make him inhabitable.

Then last night, I moved my jewels in to their new digs. Mr. Brown has three tiers. The bottom is for miscellaneous stuff (my loupe, stinky glue, pretty tape, etc.), the middle layer is currently vacant, and the top level - well, you can see what I did there. It seems to be a good partnership: my treasures seem real comfy in this snaggly old box. I just couldn't bear the thought of putting my pretty things in tupperware uggghhhh . . . and now I don't have to. I guess all along I was just waiting to find Mr. Brown.


arubin said...

I'm in love with this box. Come see me and we will go antiquing---there are TONS of places here...perhaps in the summer, we can tool around Vermont looking for treasure. Horribly jealous Ben is coming to see you, BTW.

also, what are those sparkly branches where your pendants are?

Jean Jean Vintage said...

When is your next break? I would love to come visit you . . .

The sparkly branch things are EARRINGS can you believe it? They look like water spiders sort of. And they look crazy-good on! Clip ons, not screw-backs.

Mariana said...

I love your new box and the many pretty things that now have found a home there.
Hope we can do some antique shopping when you come to DC!

arubin said...

See my post on FB. We need to go to the Brimfield market!

steph.kelley said...

So this is where the magic happens! Nice! Fun behind-the-curtain tour, Ms. Oz. xoxoxo

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