Friday, March 30, 2012

Locket cameo ring

When I saw this ring at the antique shop I could barely believe mine eyes. A locket cameo ring? Shaped like a book? With an amazing chased band? Oh please. I've done quite a bit of looking around in internetland and I can't find anything like this. Maybe they tend to stay in families and don't reach the auction/retail market very often? I think this is a pretty special piece. Alas, it does not fit me so I just stocked it in the shop!


No Carnations said...

Gorgeous! said...

Sadly it won't fit me either or it would have been snapped up right quick! What an amazing piece.

indian silver jewelry said...

Thanks a lot...I learned something new today (really...:-). Cheers!
indian silver jewelry

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

hey awesome! never seen one either but it's super duper cool! nice find there Duff...this is a "hot damn" if ever I saw one!

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