Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guest Post || Lisa of Tree & Kimball

I asked Lisa of Tree & Kimball (the lady who made this rad necklace) to do a guest post for us about her studio space and when she sent me the photos, I was left bouche bée as they say. Sometimes I find super organized spaces a little intimidating but the opposite is true here - the room is soooo focused, cool and welcoming. I feel like I could accomplish anything at that desk, you know? That is the power of a perfect workspace. Thank you for sharing, Lisa! ♡ Duff


Hello there! I'm Lisa from Tree & Kimball, filling in with a wee tour of my studio, as Duff settles into her new role as la mère extraordinaire. Ms. Jean Jean has become a dear internet pal of mine over this past year & I'm simply over the moon for her & Soren, as this little gentlemen transforms them into a family of three.

And so, I bring you a glimpse into my full-time Etsy-an work-space:

Where the lace lives.
Chain, with more chain and some chain on top
My two best gals and a brand-new dream-desk
Entry to the studio and a collection of favorite things
A sunny nook and a (hyper-organized) closet

Courtesy of my handy husband, loads of hideous beige carpeting has recently been ushered out of our house, in exchange for some new oak floors (hallelujah!). First stop was my studio, which has quickly become my (tightly sealed) oasis, as inches of sawdust pile up in the remainder of the house. Almost entirely re-decorated from what it once was, my new hideout has made me one seriously happy gal, & just in time for the holiday order rush!

Once the floors are complete (soon, so soon!), the last stop on the home renovation tip for my husband & I will be... a nursery! We've recently come to know that we'll be welcoming a bean of our own this coming summer. An internet pal to baby Duffelmeyer-Anderson, perhaps...


KristiMcMurry said...

I'm wearing a pair of her earrings today! ...and I've been sufficiently wowed by this studio space. Also, I needed a little kick in the pants to get started organizing mine (and replacing the carpet). Great tour!

No Carnations said...

A kick in the pants to be sure! I am heading upstairs to re-organize now. Congrats on the baby news and new re-do of your home to welcome the little one, Lisa. LOVE these guests post Duff ♡

greatest friend said...

I love this post... Tree & Kimball is such an inspiring creative business, and I'm incredibly blessed to be able to call Lisa a friend. Lisa, you're one of the coolest women around! EVER! oh yeah, and when you see my studio this week, just smile and nod as i tell you I'm in the middle of "rearranging" things, thanks.

Maria Casteel said...

This is a wonderful space! the perfect balance of organized, warm and inspiring. i love lisa and i'm so happy for the news of their little one.

Amber said...

That is the most inspiring office space I have ever seen! I have always loved Lisa's wallpaper, and I love it even more seeing it in its context. This makes me want to go organize my jewelry. In fact, that's exactly what I'm off to do. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous workspace you have, Lisa! And congratulations on the wondeful news of your soon-to-be family addition. xo

tree & kimball said...

Thanks to Duff for having me, & thanks to you all for your kind words & warm wishes. Here's hoping our babe will be half as snuggly as little Severen. (Special hugs to Angela, Maria, & Teresa!!) xo

Zohar said...

Oh my! I adore your workspace Lisa! It's such a treat to get a peak into interenet friends real lives and this is a delight! Also congrats on your news - very excited for you and your hubby :)

Unknown said...

Holy cow Lisa...I'm having some serious studio lust/envy right now! Everything is so calming, organized, and simply lovely. And a huge congrats on your big news! Oh...and I'm still wearing and loving my "andi" earrings.

Unknown said...

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