Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guest Post || Teresa of Bess Georgette

Welcome to Teresa of Bess Georgette for today's guest post! Teresa is a self-described "tea drinking, skirt wearing, graphic designer with a huge passion for vintage clothing." You can see her sweet mug and read all about her in this great interview. You can also follow her adventures on her vintage blog (she just moved to Hong Kong!) and shop her sweet, mid-century styles here. Thank you, Teresa! ♡ Duff


I love losing myself in the various online archives of fashions past and the incredible Jalou Gallery has the entire L’Officiel de la Mode available for our viewing pleasure. It is a fabulous adventure in the world of fashion magazines and is a treasure of fashion printed and published. Dating from the 1920s, each issue can be viewed in its original layout (complete with images). You can even print them if you wish!

With such a fantastic resource at your fingertips one can be forgiven for not knowing where to start but I thought where better than the 1920s? Duff always has the most spectacular pieces of jewellery from this wonderful era and it seems only fitting to begin our journey there.

In issue 40 in 1924 we are shown a collection of beautiful dresses by Brandt. Swooning from the coppery velvet of the 'Frivole' to the navy blue charmelaine of the 'Frimousse' and the classical elegance of the 'Zig-Zag'.

Moving on to issue 46 in 1925 and I am completely in love with the beautiful illustration of a Molyneux hat and bag ensemble. Oh, and how gorgeous is the illustration of the lady sitting on the bench underneath?!

Yet another stunning illustration, this time of Miss Mabel Boll, 'The Queen of Diamonds', is found in issue 69, 1927. So whimsical! Did you know that Miss Boll was quite the American socialite and who was known for her great atlantic flying aspirations?

This really is a fantastic inspirational source for vintage fashionistas and designers alike, and it's one I plan on visiting extensively. Now that you've had a little peek I'm sure you will be hooked too!


Chiara said...

these illustrations are amazing! love them! :)

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

This is so amazingly cool! I have bookmarked the site and see myself getting lost for hours. Huzzah to the archivists!

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steph.kelley said...

Nice drawing; love the 20s glam hairdo.

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