Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The ways to my heart

It is Valentine's Day and I've been thinking about love. I realized that there are a few direct paths to my heart - things I find so endearing that they are sure to win me over every time. In no particular order (and by no means exhaustive!):

Bake me homemade cookies, preferably shortbread. This is a good recipe.
Be a good doggie owner / be lovey to pets / kiss your pets a lot.
Brew me a perfect cup of coffee, like an Americano with warm cream.
Tell me that you love the movie The Three Amigos (an impression earns you extra points here)
Share an amazing music mix with me.
Gift me a scarf, like this one or this one or this one.
Keep a bunch of old family photos in your house and know all of the people in them.
Collect something old, like dishes, jewelry, ephemera . . . anything that shows a love for the past.
Dress like Annie Hall and/or wear cool (prescription) glasses.
Donate to a charity in your community, like a food bank or the Humane Society.
Admit that you wish you were from Iowa or wear one of these t-shirts.
Talk about how much you love the North Shore of Lake Superior.
Invite me to stay in your cabin on the North Shore of Lake Superior (I know you have one!)
Visit your grandma/grandpa/older relatives if you are lucky enough to have them in your life.
Be an adorable, sleeping baby (like Severen!)

Do you have a list like this? What is on it? I would love to know!


Marguerite said...

What a lovely list, Duff.
In a few years, you will get to add -- when my darling child(ren) bring(s) me a handmade Valentine. Those are heart-crushing!! Especially when you get to dig them out of a special box so many years later to enjoy again!!
Happy First Valentine's with the new love of your life!!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

A loving, lovely list! Happy valentine's day to you and your loved ones, Duff. (I *do* wish I was from Iowa!)

Wild Tea Party said...

Happy Valentine's Day Duff!

I do have a list like this! It includes thing like... Fathers who cuddle their kids in public, people who give me gluten free chocolate brownies, anyone who can quote Pride and Prejudice, people who take the time to read my blog, and any bus driver who waits an extra two minutes to make sure everyone gets on the bus of a morning.

Hannah said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
Here's a short version of my "love" list:
Being surprised with a Starbucks soy chai latte
Kisses from my kids
When my husband washes the dishes after dinner
Tell me you love the Three Stooges...but only when Curly Howard was in the trio.
When someone tells me a memory they have of my Dad
Tell me that shopping malls ruined America
A good oldies mix cd
People that have cool blog posts...;)

No Carnations said...

I was in the 36 hr workathon (you know) so I am just now reading this post. Happy Valentine's Day Duff! A few moments of thought about my list:

Coming home to a clean kitchen (done by someone else because they know I have been in a kitchen all day!)

When someone tells me that they made their own pasta or cured bacon etc. at home

The happy look of my dog's face when she is running back to me when called

My husband wanting approval or "help" with an outfit

Elderly women in hats

People who still have their mixed tape (cassette) collection even if they no longer have the means to listen to them

A fire in the hearth made just for me and timed for when I will arrive home

A child wanting help with reading a book or solving a puzzle game

The sounds of clinking glass and soft chatter at a table filled with friends and family

Tell me about your garden woes or aspirations and I am all yours : )

Jean Jean Vintage said...

I LOVE your lists ladies! You are so amazing to share them here. It really makes me happy.

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