Wednesday, September 7, 2011


When I was little, my family went to the swimming pool almost every day in the summer. One of my favorite ways to entertain myself was to play the Mermaid game. This basically involved trying to swim with my arms at my sides and my legs together, looking beautiful and graceful like a mermaid. Actually, I probably looking like I was having a seizure. It is really hard to try to swim like that, have you tried?

My mermaid antics were inspired by the movie Splash, which is burned into my brain. I absolutely loved it. Was anyone else entranced by this movie in the 80s?

Also, have you seen the video for U2's Electrical Storm? Um, it's pretty hot. Samantha Morton plays a mermaid.


Anonymous said...

It is a sweet movie! When I was a kid we'd pretend the whole basement was our underwater grotto and we'd hide treasure. We must be of The Little Mermaid era of Disney. Ha ha

Jess said...

omg! i think i have watched Splash like 4000 times. haha i was like obsessed with it when i was younger!

Jennie Ragsdale said...

Loved the movie - I was going to name my daughter Madison after "Splash". A true chick flick. So romantic. When our daughter was born we noticed how many children were named Madison and chose another name.

Wild Tea Party said...

I've never seen it, but I tried the whole mermaid swimming thing anyway as my favorite Disney movie when I was a kid was The Little Mermaid. (Beauty and the Beast a close second).

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