Monday, January 9, 2012

Guest Post || Regina from Every Eskimo

Hi guys! Today kicks off a Monday series of wonderful guest posts here on the blog. Today's blogger is Regina, who made Baby Sev's mobile (you can see it here) and who has outfitted my Jean Jean office with many great pieces (like this receipt file clipboard). I got to meet her in real life last month and she is a splendid lady. And how about these keychains?! I bought two for Christmas gifts this year and they were a big hit. Don't miss the coupon code at the end of the post, just for you. ♡ Duff

I'm Regina from everyeskimo, stepping in today for the darling Duff. I hunt & gather great vintage and stitch up small animals in between . . . filling the shelves of my little shop, Every Eskimo. Today I thought I'd share something that brings a bit of what I love about Jean Jean Vintage into my own everyeskimo world.

Duff finds the loveliest vintage jewelry around. But what makes my heart ache is how each piece carries the soul, story and ghost of its original wearer. It's a connection to the past; a reminder that there's so much more than just this moment. It's part of why I created letterpress keychains. Something small, solid and tangible. Something from a time when the printed word was painstakingly laid out one letter at a time.

Pulled from my collection of antique letterpress blocks and combined with new hardware, letterpress keychains are a new offering at everyeskimo. Sometimes the pursuit of old take you somewhere new . . . running a drill press was definitely new! The drill press was, fittingly, old.

I'm happy to offer Jean Jean readers a free shipping discount! (Who doesn't love a discount?) Free shipping on all letterpress keychains through February 9th. Just enter word nerd in the notes to seller upon checkout and I'll send you a shipping refund. Easy peasy.

Thanks for letting me chatter away in your ear! It's been a pleasure to be here.

xo. regina


No Carnations said...

Hi Regina! What a nice surprise to see you here. Love seeing two of my favorite Etsy shops in one stop : )

oh, albatross said...

thanks so much for having me duff, it's been a pleasure!

vintage jewelery said...

I always wanted a vintage lockheart... like the one you have in your pics.


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