Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gussying up

I'm headed to NYC at the end of the week for the Fancy Food Show, a kind of family reunion for everyone in the specialty food world. It is a hoot.

I've been enjoying thinking about what to pack. Actually, that's a lie. It stresses me out because I don't have much practice putting outfits together. I'm especially terrible when it comes to shoes, which is why there are no shoes pictured here :) I pretty much wear jeans and a t-shirt every day so when I try to dress up it takes me several tries before I figure it out.

But hey - I'm putting forth my best effort for this trip, pairing my favorite jewelry with some things in my closet (and yes, I will probably end up borrowing a few things from the shop . . . unless you get to them first). Here's what I'm thinking - feedback welcome!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Faux and fabulous

I go weak in the knees for pretty faux pearls. I love the weightiness of glass pearls, but lustrous plastic ones are OK by me, too. I especially love pearls with details on the clasp, like molded metal or rhinestones. There's a feeling I get from wearing pearls - even when they aren't real! - that I don't get from any other type of jewelry. Sort of blasé and stately at the same time.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happily on my mind

Strawberries - I'm buying loads of them. They are pretty even when they are gone, see?

Anything sweet and simple for the house, especially from these two Etsy shops - Little Byrd Vintage and Seven Poppies.

The beautiful blues in the shop right now. Happened quite on accident, but I am oh so pleased.

Abraco in NYC - T minus 15 days until I'm eating and drinking something there. Last year I had a baguette sammy with some kale, a capp and a cookie with rosewater. Oh yes.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Last week's finds

Hubby and I went to look at a house last week and on the way back we stopped at my favorite antique mall (dangerously close to said house, by the way). Most of this batch of goodies came from that trip. Here's the line up, making its way to Jean Jean Vintage soon:

1. Mid-century rhinestone paddle earrings
2. Burnt orange glass bead earrings
3. Molded brass and purple rhinestone necklace with a paperclip chain
4. 1920s winter-blue faceted glass drop necklace on a sterling chain
5. Art Nouveau-style silver pendant and chain
6. Yellow glass and silver Art Nouveau revival festoon necklace
7. Carved shell cameo studs
8. Sterling silver "Lucile" link bracelet
9. Gold and silver-tone helicopter leaf ring
10. Sterling silver hand-chased ring

Friday, June 4, 2010

An old way

I know this is nerdy but I have to share this clasp with you. It's called a tube and tongue catch and it is practically extinct - I'd never seen one until yesterday. Part pin and barrel catch, part box clasp - well, I just love it. I wish jewelers would use these types of vintage jewelry findings today.