Monday, September 12, 2016

Jean Jean CACHET COLLECTION: Victoriana for the modern woman

The Cachet Collection is a captivating range of double-sided, Victorian wax seal replicas, cast in fine metal from rare sets of 19th century (ca. 1840s) French and Italian matrices. Made start to finish in Michigan.

"Cachet" is French for a "seal affixed to a letter or document," which was the purpose of the original seals. Victorian men and women would keep a seal (or set of seals) at their desk, right next to their ink and pen, paper, candle, and wax. The seals were functional tools but also tiny works of art.

Look closer! The seals are intricately detailed with images and mottos about friendship, love, suffering, luck, and choice. Some of them are incredibly sentimental and moving, others are more lighthearted and witty. The messages of these seals are just as relevant and meaningful now as they were 150 years ago - perhaps even more so.

For the Victorians, choosing which seal to use on the outside of their letter was a very personal and important choice, inspired by the contents of the letter and the recipient. News of a death in the family required a somber seal, a word to a lover something tender or playful, something to an acquaintance or business partner perhaps just the day of the week. The choice is equally personal today: which charm is right for you? As a busy mom and business owner, I wear Cachet No. 4 every day: I strive to be fast and efficient (like the racing greyhound) and also calm and steady (like the cliff in the storm). On a good day, I might even be both at once - just like my charm!

The Cachet Collection is supremely wearable, gift-able, and collectible. Each pendant charm comes with custom ticketing complete with macro photographs of the seal and a meaningful translation. Chains available as well as classy Jean Jean gift bags. Diamond-studded versions are rolling out right now and rings are coming super-soon. Come see me!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Of late . . .

So much going on at Jean Jean . . . custom Memento Mori jewelry, a line of double-sided French and Italian "etui" style pendants on the way, lots of happy couples engaged with Jean Jean diamonds . . . For breaking news and first looks at photographs, please check out my Instagram.