Friday, November 29, 2013

❄ Holiday Sale ❄

Happy Holiday weekend! The shop is 25% now through Monday. 
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Thank you for your business. I can't wait to send you something!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ghost trees

Have you heard of albino redwood trees? There are apparently only about two dozen of them in existence, most of them in California. The location of the rare trees, which can survive as a parasite off a "parent" tree for a century or more, are kept secret to protect them from curious visitors. The highest concentration of the trees seems to be in Henry Cowell Redwood State Park, where at least eight have been identified.

You can listen to a story about these "ghostly redwoods" on an archived episode of Weekend Edition.

Photos via Wikipedia Creative Commons

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Take a star from the sky

After years spent handling, researching, wearing and thinking about beautiful jewelry, I am now accustomed to a certain level of "wow." I don't react to everything all the time - certainly not like I used to when I first started this gig. I guess I am a bit desensitized! That said, there are always things that make me shake my head in amazement. Like this Victorian paste brooch. It looks like someone plucked a star from the sky and put it in a velvet box. I feel this one in my ribs, which means it's really good.

Incidentally, I just stocked a 9 CT and paste ring in the shop this week. She's really pretty.

You can see more extraordinary paste jewelry on this Morning Glory reference page.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

toshi yoshida

An auction catalog I recently scrolled through had a couple of abstract pieces by Toshi Yoshida up for sale. I placed bids but I didn't win! This was one of them. This was the other. Aren't they brilliant?

Images courtesy of artlino: Japanese Prints

Monday, November 11, 2013

Instagram Giveaway

Giveaway! Yay - it has been awhile and this is a great piece. A tiny turn-of-the-century Victorian love knot pin, plated in yellow gold and set with an opal. To enter, mosey over to Jean Jean Vintage on Instagram and ♥ like ♥ or regram the giveaway announcement anytime today (before midnight, EST). You get two extra entries if you become a new follower, too! The winner will be announced by Severen on Instagram tomorrow afternoon. Don't you want to hear him say your name in his adorable toddler voice?!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bakelite fruits and veggies

If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw a photo of some bakelite and wood dress clips a little while back. Well, I decided to sell them off-Etsy to a collector in New York (this guy) who maintains a website called The Bakelite Museum among other pursuits. The "museum" portion of the site has one of the best resource collections of bakelite photographs I've seen online. It was the only place where I was able to find examples of pieces similar to mine - carved wood, carved bakelite, "garden" subject. In fact, there is an entire section devoted to fruit and vegetable bakelite figurals. Have you ever seen a bakelite potato? How about beets? Or asparagus? It is worth a visit just to see the asparagus, trust me.

Images courtesy of The Bakelite Museum, ebay and Morning Glory Antiques

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

18K gold sea urchins

There's still time to get this 18K gold Tiffany & Co. sea urchin suite on your wish list for the holidays. And why not? This kind of figural jewelry is so fun. I'll be keeping my eyes out for the gold fill version, which is a bit more in my price range!

Images courtesy of Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry

Friday, November 1, 2013

Jean Jean Vintage by color

Do you ever search your favorite Etsy shop by color? I sometimes forget that is an option! It is a completely different way of seeing things. Jean Jean Vintage is apparently is full of orange and blue - who knew?! Here are a few of my favorite vintage Etsy shops by color:
Dear Golden in green 
The Slipperie in peach
The Deeps in black
Oh, Albatross in white
Adelaide Homesewn in cream