Sunday, March 28, 2010

My love starts and ends here

Sooo, I have this mind-boggling necklace now. How it survived 100 years, how it ended up in a case in an antique store off the highway (so close to the highway the building basically shook every time a semi drove by), or how I somehow spotted it buried in a bunch of costume jewelry -- I don't have a clue. I certainly don't deserve it, but . . . I do appreciate it.

It is a 1920s flapper sautoir, made of dozens and dozens of tubular, blue glass beads strung one by one on tiny lengths of brass wire. Each bead has a tiny brass ball at the end to secure it. The first few inches of the necklace (about 7" on either side of the clasp, or about down to the sternum) is just a string of beads, very simple. But THEN the remainder of the necklace has these little clusters of beads spaced all the way down, which makes the piece look fuller and gives it a lot of motion. The focal point of the necklace is a paper-thin, cut-out brass ball that trails a tassel of more beads and bead clusters.

It is so stunning, I literally can't look at it for too long - my brain sort of times-out after about 15 seconds. I am getting flushed just thinking about it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Le Printemps shop update

A collection of pretty things from the shop to celebrate Spring!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The cutest pin in the world

I am proud owner of the cutest pin in the world. I found him yesterday in a cloudy ziplock baggie full of pins in a tupperware bin at a thrift store. First of all, I love enamel so these are all winners to me. But how amazing that they are all ski-themed and done in the prettiest blues? And mostly from the 50s and 60s? I even have two pins from the same resort from different eras. The British Coat of Arms one is the odd-man out, but I like him because he is in French. You can bet I'll be wearing these at the first opportunity next winter.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day off jewelry

It is a good day when you get to dress up a little and wear some of your favorite jewelry. Today I went to breakfast with my friend Ben and I wore a sweet Victorian seed pearl and turquoise ring and a simple blue-bead necklace (if anyone know what you call that style of chain, by the way, I'd love to know). Then I went hunting for some new things for the shop and luckily I found a few! Here is a preview of what I'll be listing starting ce soir.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I thought I might need a dress form for shooting necklaces, brooches etc. so I ordered this lovely torso. She arrived in a box today. I've named her Rosie because if she had arms she would be a great riveter - she is built like a truck! I'm not sure how useful she will prove to be, but for now she is hanging out at my desk (and my husband's desk, although he doesn't know that yet). In honor of her arrival, I've posted some rosy, dusk-tinted photos from the last few days. Everything here is in the Jean Jean Vintage shop on Etsy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Discovering Lucille/Billie/Joan

My friend Reina gave me a book of Joan Crawford paper dolls the other day, which is one of the best gifts I have ever received! Joan's real name was Lucille Le Sueur. She started out as a little flapper girl known for her Charleston and ended up becoming one of the most prolific and resilient Hollywood actresses of all time - she made 80 movies from 1925 to 1970. Joan was known as a "clothes horse de luxe" and she was a fashion setter and a knock-out in every era. These photos of her leave me bouche bée. If you need to see more, check out Legendary Joan Crawford.