Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Learn from my pain

A couple weeks ago, I found an amazing bracelet. A rose gold-toned panel bracelet engraved with the name of each family member - "Mother, Daddy, Frances, Esther . . . " I was so excited about it that within my first 12 hours of ownership I photographed it and decided to wear it out on a thrifting adventure. While getting ready around the house that morning, it fell off. I picked it back up and the rational part of me said: "OK this is proof that this doesn't fit you. This clasp is trouble. You need to adjust it before you can wear it." But the stubborn part of me said: "Just wear it. It is amazing." So I put it back on and guess what? Somehow, somewhere in the course of the next hour I lost it for good.

I feel terrible that something survived so long in the care of many owners and then I lost it. Just sick about it. I'm forcing myself to remember the pain, though, so that I won't be reckless again. I thought I would share the pain with you, too, and also this moral: Don't wear beautiful jewelry that you think might fall off. Just don't do it.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! It's a beauty - so very sorry for your loss!

labonnefemme1 said...

I feel it! hurts like heartbreak...But you know what? You can visit these photos any time you like, and eventually you probably would have sold it, so in the end , it might all be the same.

Then, there is thinking about the person who found it and how it might be just the thing they needed that day...and now they are thinking about you too and what you are missing, and they will cherish it all the more!

labonnefemme1 said...

Sorry, long comment, I like to look on the Sunny Side when things like that happen to me!

Anneke said...

ouch, i know how it feels when you realise this... it's like your heart stops!

but maybe someone will find it, someone who will see the value of this as much as you did, and maybe that person will hold on to it..

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