Saturday, May 15, 2010

A new face to me

I came across her in one of my jewelry books, modeling some pearls in an old Harpers Bazaar ad from 1918. I thought she looked spunky and cute. Her name is Ina Claire and she was a popular stage and screen actor of the 10s, 20s and 30s. A New York Times review titled simply Concerning Ina Claire, published in 1915, states that she "shines out more clearly every night as the bright particular star of the constellation which goes to make up the Ziegfeld Follies . . . it is to be hoped that, as the summer waxes, more and more moments of the Follies will be turned over to Ina Claire."

Why hadn't I heard of her before? Maybe because she didn't star in any blockbusters? Maybe because I am distracted by the likes of her contemporaries Bette Davis, Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford? Whatever the reason, seems to me that ladies like Ina who worked their tails off making a living modeling pearls and doing Broadway shows in the 20s deserve some props.

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lauren said...

that first photo of her is the absolute tops!

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