Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best parts

Voici some pics from my recent trip to NYC. Of course the main purpose of the visit was to attend the Fancy Food Show, but my colleagues and I managed to get out a bit during the off-hours and enjoy the city. Some of the best parts . . .

Staying at the Algonquin Hotel & finding this picture of Dorothy Parker in a stairwell. She is rocking an amazing beaded lariat-style sautoir.

The Fage yogurt booth at the food show. Yes, those are samples.

Having breakfast at The City Bakery (two days in a row!) Their marshmallow mobiles were pretty outstanding. And the pretzel croissants? I brought seven back to Michigan with me. The TSA guy said "Wowzers" when my backpack went through the security scanner.

The window display of desserts at Once Upon a Tart.

Ordering a little vial of my favorite perfume (it was mixed before my eyes by a lady named Millicent) at Le Labo. They also had a card catalog/dresser thingy in there that was unreal.

Wearing a pretty dress and a pretty necklace out to dinner one night. My friends were kind enough to snap a picture of me and my 20s necklace in Time's Square.


Sarah Louise said...

Le Labo looks like heaven, which I had gone there. As does the hotel and food fair. Can I have your trip?

Sarah Louise

Anne said...

oh man. I would love to travel with you. Pretzel croissants?!

Thanks for the Montreal recs! I was having coffee with two people yesterday who wanted to know what I was going to do when I was there. When I told them the plan was eating, they just stared at me :)I know you'd understand.

labonnefemme1 said...

Oh my! I am so again, food show, totally my thing! Fage has saved my life, I now eat breakfast almost daily and Once upon a tart is one of my favorites! I use their cookbook as inspiration for my breakfast breads basket on Sunday at the restaurant. Happy to see that you had such a great trip!

Amy said...

You're so lovely! Thanks for sharing a bit of your trip with us and I SO look forward to catching up when you get home! (ps flying fish necklace = minesies) ;)

lauren said...

i totally want to stay at the Algonquin.
and um, you in the blue silk dress...yeahhhh.

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