Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reliable Jewelers

Anyone who thrifts understands the thrill of finding something in situ - in its original box, with its original tag, etc. It's like finding an artifact.

So you can imagine my joy the other day when I got this tiny box in the mail. Inside are the most intoxicatingly beautiful cut-crystal drop earrings. They are from Czechoslovakia, ca. 1920s. This style was most popular during the flapper era, when girls wore their hair short and their earrings long.

The thing is, I can't decide what I like more - the earrings or the box they came in! I did a little research on the "reliable" Palmer Brothers Jewelry Store of Baker City, Oregon and even found an old photo of the interior (scroll to page 45 to find it). I think if I look close enough I might see my little box in one of those jewelry cases . . .

If you like these earrings, you can find a similar pair in the shop!


lauren said...

I want my packaging to look like that! Gorgeous score my little cochonette!

Anonymous said...

These earrings make me want to throw out my pierced earrings and wear clips and screw-backs!

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