Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not a prude

Until now, I haven't had much time to spend reading the style section in the NYT, following blogs, etc. This means that I am about two years behind popular culture trends. Ex. I just started watching Mad Men this summer, I placed my first ebay bid last year, etc. In the case of jewelry designer Lulu Frost, I am more than five years out of touch. I'll be honest - I have mixed feelings about her pieces. I guess I'm kind of old fashioned when it comes to wearing vintage jewelry. Let's wear bar pins on cardigans, dress clips on necklines, and lockets on chains, shall we? And I usually think that less is more (i.e. one rhinestone accessory is better than seven). But now I'm not so sure! In Frost's collections, turn-of-the-century steel-cut boot clips look like they were always meant to be bracelets and deco dress clips are lovely as earrings. And I suddenly have the urge to drape a mesh curtain of vintage bobbles around my neck, so in the end I guess I'm not as prudish as I thought.

You can see more of Frost's Deco-Victorian collection (my favorite) here.


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I hear you! It's kind of like the way I feel about vintage being altered. Knee-length 1950s dresses should not be altered to mini length just to appeal to young folk. Then again, that no-name 70s maxi-dress looks great and positively wearable again when shortened. I think it all depends on how it's done. (Or I'm a hypocrite! Equally possible.)

These are interesting pieces.

Jacqueline said...

One of my favorite places to spend time is here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BroadStreet

I found Sara at the Shadow Art Fair last winter, and I fell really hard for her work. I think her vintage assemblages are amazing and special.

The Church of Vintage said...

I think I lean towards the side of preservation, how about if in 5 years dress clips became the new rage de rigueur again,but they've all been turned into earring during the assemblage craze five years prior. Whose to say what truelly is obsolete, perspective is a funny thing.

I think it's a great idea for damaged pieces that may otherwise end up discarded. I don't mind repurposing a piece thoughtfully if it does not compramise the original integrity. Like as in shortening a vintage skirt but leaving the material in the hem so it can be returned to it's original length down the road, you know after the fad has passed.

I can appreciate the jewelry so long as I believe it's recycling damaged pieces, otherwise it's like poaching history.

**And I have yet to start watching Madmen, I guess I am now officially all alone on this one;)

Wild Tea Party said...

Personally I'm a less is more kind of girl anyway, so I find huge pieces like this a bit wild for my usual aesthetic, but I will admit they're pretty.

I'm with Karen though - I loathe altering original pieces of clothing, and I feel kind of the same about jewellery. Of course, if these pieces were broken and are being recycled, then that's pretty cool.

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