Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Your jewelry is a tattle-tale!"

This ad is sheer delight, from the mini-biography of the the "doubly winsome" model, Barbara Dorsey, to the bit about being sophisticated "in a nice way." I'm just warming you up for some lovely demi parure (i.e. partial jewelry sets) coming to the shop soon! You can be just like Barbara! Here is the full text of the ad:

"This is lovely Barbara Dorsey. First year college beauty, doubly winsome with her smart Ledo jewelry! Born and raised in New York. Taking merchandising and interior decoration at Marymount College. Ambition: to be a buyer . . . because she likes people and clothes. Also likes good food. A Walter Thornton model.

Your jewelry is a tattle-tale! Fashion-right, like Ledo's Etruscan, it tells that your taste is impeccable. Tells that you are sophisticated - in a nice way. Rhythmic pattern of bright and antique gold, richly plated, Etruscan shows off a slender wrist . . . the matched earrings are "eye-catchers" for a pretty face. Perfect for all but the most formal moods."


lauren said...

i freaking love the word 'winsome', let's use it all the time, ok?

Wild Tea Party said...

Coolest. ad. ever. I love that she wanted to be a buyer.... because she likes people and clothes! (I think that's most girls).

And I'm up for some demis in the store that could migrate to Australia ;)

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Uh oh. This ad makes me think I might be sophisticated in a NOT nice way.

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