Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dodging hummingbirds

I found a new spot to shoot the rare outfit photograph and it happens to also be a favorite feeding ground for a group of hummingbirds (hence my distraction in the last pic). The wings on those guys are like little motors! Anyway here I am in my new favorite shirt, my messy pigtails and my icy blue antique jewelry. Lauren of Dear Golden Vintage calls this my princess necklace, and I think you can see why. It could easily hold it's own against any glamorous neckline, but it also works with a pretty long sleeve shirt. The ring is a beauty, too.

Shirt > Zara
Pants > Hand-me-downs Levis
Booties > Rieker
Necklace > 1920s Czech glass necklace
Ring > 1920s sterling silver and glass cocktail ring


HazelxJoy said...

I'd love to see hummingbirds flitting around... how lovely that would be!
The colour of your necklace and ring are gorgeous - it sits beautifully with the neutral colour of your top (Loving that too by btw). It is certainly fit for a Princess.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

You look so cute in your doggy ears (childhood name for the pigtails--my most worn hairstyle when my hair was long enough)! Gorgeous top/necklace combo. And I am most jealous of your hummingbirds!

Brenna said...

I LOVE the last photo--thanks for posting it :)

Zohar said...

ah your new Zara blouse is quite lovely! I love that you can wear it down or wear it fancy.. you look very cute :)

Marika said...

More czech glass in your etsy shop, please! I have a similar pendant (albeit more delicate) that my grandfather gave my grandmother at their wedding in Austria. It's just nickel and one of the prongs is broken so I'm hesistant to wear it very often. I'd love to have a similar piece to act as a surrogate.

Also, those blues are so pretty on you!

Wild Tea Party said...

You look way too cute :) And that necklace is something else!

lauren said...

whaaaa? i am just now seeing this? how did i miss it? well...i love this post, i LOVE that top and the color of it looks darn amazing with the princess necklace...sheesh, i cannot wait to come to your cottage!

Bridget said...

looove that top. zara is the bomb.

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