Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dream shop

Monumental Ink Stamp Carousel - $685
Primitive Dutch Table Top Work Station - $1155
19th Century Watchmaker's Case - $1360
Art Deco Department Display stands - $635
Industrial Library Storage Cabinet - $445
1920s Lavender Glass hanging lamp - $380
I recently found out about Factory20, which is an online warehouse full of the most fantastic antique industrial stuff. The website gives me all of the best feelings of a. being in a dusty campus museum filled with historical artifacts b. flipping through a huge coffee table photography and c. going antiquing. The names of the items alone are enough to make my hands shake with excitement.

I started looking and realized that what I was basically doing was furniture shopping for my imaginary real-life antique jewelry shop. Here are the things I picked out. Now I just need $40,000


tree and kimball said...

i die. they (& you) have impeccable taste. i'll gladly come shop at this beautiful fantasy shop of yours any day.

PrettyDamnCute said...

if i win the lottery, i will give you the money b/c i know it'd be my favorite shop and TOTALLY worth the investment. Happy dream shopping!

Anonymous said...

Lovely choices! I'm especially drawn to the lamp which would look stunning in my redone master bathroom. Hmm.

Feronia said...

Oh my. So beautiful :)

Unknown said...

i have many items on my wish list from factory20. too bad i have a teacher salary.

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