Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inspired by insects

Butterfly wing bangles
Beetle ring
Cicada ring
Butterfly ring
My friend Ellen of A Wild Tea Party told me about the company Dinosaur Designs in Sydney, Australia. They make jewelry out of synthetic resin, which is sort of a dream for girls who like plastic jewelry. Their recent collection based on insects is so awesome. The black resin cicada ring is my favorite! You can browse the online catalog here.

Photos courtesy of Dinosaur Designs


Megan said...

These are so awesome! Thanks!


Wild Tea Party said...

I personally adore the gold butterfly bangle - this collection is so simple and yet lovely. I haven't had a chance to pop in store for awhile though :(

Anonymous said...

LOVE Dinosaur Designs! The black bangle I wear every day (a gift from my parents) is one of their designs.

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