Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maple syrup update

We had our first snow last week and this weekend everyone on our block was raking like mad, trying to clear the last leaves before it snows again . . . and sticks. Winter is coming! This is is the last warm, autumn themed update you will see for a while. Staring next week things are going to start getting cool and glittery around here.


P.S. On the topic of autumn and maple syrup, doesn't this cake look good?


steph.kelley said...

Love the maple theme -- brilliant (idea and jewelry). That bar pin is a remarkable shape. Will look forward to the shop pics of the leaf earrings; those are pretty adorable. xoxox

Blanka said...

ah, I love the locket!

rebekah said...

i first read your title as
i was like ooh what specifically i wonder!
pure grade a all the way!!
but what state? i'm not that discerning

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful collection and just perfect for this chilly fall day!

No Carnations said...

Living in my ring when not in the kitchen. living in it. T-shirts, jeans, dressy dress, pj's. whatever.

De La Belle said...

such a gorgeous little collection!

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