Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Victorian jet drawings

A couple years ago, the artist and designer Jonathan Wahl produced a series of large charcoal drawings (yes, these are drawings!) of Victorian jet mourning jewelry. Here is what he says about the series:

The jet jewelry that were the models for my drawings were made during the mid to late 19th century carved by hand from jet, a fossilized material similar to coal but more durable. They were worn during a woman's period of mourning after the death of a loved one when wearing conventional precious jewelry would have been deemed inappropriate. 

Today these objects seem Gothic, yet contemporary and almost timeless due to their reflective surfaces and monochromatism. . . Both the objects' timeless beauty and our alienation from their original roles make them perfectly ambiguous when viewed in the scale in which I have rendered them. 

Love. Them.

Images courtesy of Sienna Gallery


olygirl said...

wow those drawings are incredible. I thought they were the actual thing. They are so realistic it is scary!

rebecca s. said...

wow. they are truly stunning. at first glance i had no idea they were drawings.

abigail said...


that first one looks so lush!


aka @GrayDayShop

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Jennifer Shingelo said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing them, Duff!

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