Friday, April 13, 2012

Severen's Family Tree

I ordered this family tree for Severen a couple months ago and I am so pleased with it. It comes from the Evajuliet Atelier, a shop based out of Montreal. I looked around for lots of customizable trees and this was by far the sweetest. Lots of them are sort of cartoony (no thanks). I think that I might put some family photos around the tree so that Severen has faces to put with the names as he grows up. It occurred to me the other day that he won't know who his great-grandparents are, or even his grandpa (my dad), unless I talk about them and make them a part of his life. It feels like a big responsibility to introduce him to his ancestors, but I'm his Momma and that's my job. I hope someday he will tell his kids stories about my mom, my brother . . . maybe me. Don't we all hope to be remembered by the people we love?


Anonymous said...

This family tree is really beautiful! I like the idea of the photos. Our son has a photo album with names of each family member and a photo, including my husband's dad who is no longer with us. He still loves looking through the book at five.

Wild Tea Party said...

Such a sweet idea! Severen will love this!

I wish I could do a sort of pictorial family tree, but my grandmother's family home burnt down when she was young, taking all the photographs of my great grandma and my grandmother and her siblings with it. My grandmother has only two pictures of her brother who died in WWII and they were donated by friends. My grandmother now has dementia too, so she can't even remember things I'd so dearly like to know.

Emily said...

What a lovely idea! He's such a lucky lad to have such a thoughtful momma. I have always been very interested in my ancestors but, of course, as one grows older, people start to disappear and family information starts to go with them. So, it's wonderful to start creating that story for him early.

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