Thursday, May 17, 2012

The box the box!

This piece in the collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum is incredible. As usual, I like the box more than the thing inside the box. Just look at the label. Just LOOK at it. I feel like my insides are dissolving (in a good way). Jesus, it is amazing. What I would give to pay a visit to this Artiste en Cheveux and commission a piece. I'd ask for an extra box or two with my order.

On the topic, I'm pretty excited about mourning jewelry (have been for a few years) and I am going to start talking about it more here, mkay? So, now let's see . . .  the blog will be about vintage jewelry, my son, scarves, pretty lockets, old photos, hot chocolate, motherhood, my son, hairwork and death jewelry. Soooooo cohesive, I know. Bear with me! I promise things won't get too crazy around here.


No Carnations said...

I have a little collection of old boxes that are falling apart. People have given me little things inside them but I have treasured the boxes mostly.

Amy said...

Yesterday I visited the Ypsilanti historical museum and saw several examples of hair work (framed designs, not jewelry). They are pretty elaborate. I thought of you ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the eclectic nature of your blog! Heck, my blog is no different; gardening, my life, chickens, guide dog puppy raising, hiking, etc. etc. LOL

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Wow. That is some beautiful packaging! I love the V&A site.

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