Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby's room, 5 months later

What was once "the baby's room" is now "Severen's room." And Severen is 5 months old, which means that things are starting to change around here!

For the last month or so, Severen has been sleeping in his own room on his floor bed. We splurged on a really nice mattress and I bought a new, softer rug to go under it. He loves it! We also moved the changing table out of the room (put in the closet, actually, as shelving) and we change him on the floor now. We was just getting too wiggly to be up so high. Also, this way eventually he will be able to crawl over to be changed.

The floor bed concept is pretty cool. The idea is that when a room is safety-proofed, it becomes completely accessible to the child because he/she is able to leave the bed after waking and move around the room without help from parents. I like the idea of more movement and independence on Severen's part, especially as he gets older. And wow, I am amazed at how much this kiddo can move! I never know where I am going to find him in the morning - usually somewhere on the floor, just chilling out.

I will be honest, after I set up the mattress/changing area this way I looked around and felt pretty uncomfortable. I mean, to my eyes/brain seeing things on the floor = mess. Of course that isn't the case here, but there is no denying that having lots of things on the floor really changes the aesthetics of the space. But now, after several weeks, I'm really into it. When you walk into Severen's room, you know that it is intended for him and all the learning that he has ahead - and that is a good thing.

The best thing about the set up right now? I can nurse him in bed or lie with him and rest/read books. It makes naptime/bedtime cuddling really easy and fun!


Maria Casteel said...

well, he looks totally thrilled by the set up. its so neat you guys thought outside the, crib on this.

steph.kelley said...

In that center photo Severen looks so perfect he could be a Cabbage Patch doll! Your floor setup looks great. It sounds as though both he and you are grooving to it. xoxoxo

karina said...

What a lovely room. It feels kind of Japanese. A baby bed like a futon! And the trees are so perfect. I admire your choices.
Karina x

Hannah said...

I love that whole idea! I wish I had heard about that kind of room set-up earlier because I definitely would have done it.

Unknown said...

My children are 23,21,and 19. I love the idea and can't believe how much time I spent keeping them in the crib. What a great alternative to safety concerns of late regarding crib slats. This looks great!

Unknown said...

Lovely kid.
I'm just wondering if you stay without shoes at the room to keep it clean.. I'm correct?

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