Monday, September 24, 2012

Queen Barbies

I'm not sure how it happened, but a few days ago I found myself lost in the world of collectible Barbie dolls. The detail on these dolls is pretty amazing, especially the Queen Elizabeth I and Marie Antoinnette dolls. Just look how closely they resemble their royal portraits! I love the pearls on the Queen Elizabeth I doll.

via Wow Dolls


Brenna said...

I LOVE these Barbies!! Well, that's probably because I like Barbies in general, but I especially like the collectible Barbies. I have some of the Holiday Barbies, the International Barbies (I think it has a more sophisticated title, like Dolls of the World or something), and super hero Barbies. I even have the Michael Jackson Barbie, complete with sparkly glove...MJ got a lot of use when I was kid, though, so he's not looking so elegant these days.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! What magnificient Barbies! I love the Queen Elizabeth doll too, especially how they've replicated the hight in her forehead. :)

Wild Tea Party said...

I loved barbie as a kid. She's looking pretty good for her age. But how on earth did these ladies get around in those dresses?

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