Monday, October 1, 2012

☾ Spooky owl locket ☽

So, I thought that I had found the coolest locket ever when I found this. But then I saw this owl locket and I felt like my eyes were melting, in the best possible sense of "eyes melting."

Let's review the checklist of awesome things about this piece, shall we?

✓ It's Victorian.
✓ It's a locket.
✓ It's black and gold.
✓ There's a f*#king owl on it!!
✓ It's bog oak.
✓ The beak and feet are done in silver enamel.
✓ So actually, it is black, gold and silver. Even better.
✓ The owl is chilling out on a spooky, twisted gold branch.
✓ The owl is simultaneously cute and totally diabolical.
✓ It's OLD! Like, 1870s old.

The only thing that could make this locket better is if it played a song when you opened it. So let me ask you: What song do you think it would play? The person with the best answer (judged according to no rules whatsoever) will win a little Jean Jean goodie.

Happy October!

Images courtesy of James Alfredson


ElleSee said...

Hahahaha! The Number of the Beast from Iron Maiden :)

Jo said...

Phillip Glass' score for the 1931 Dracula...

Danielle said...

So cool! I'm thinking of the tune from Harry potter :-)

davi said...

Coolest locket EVER! and themesong? Screamin' Jay Hawkins "I Put A Spell On You".

ashley said...

What a great locket! Haha. " the Adams family" song :)

No Carnations said...

Amazing! My vote is for Hector Berlioz! - Symphonie Fantastique - Dream Of A Witches Sabbath

Good Twin said...

I vote for this:

abigail said...

love this idea! I thought it was bog oak, how bad-a$$

I would have to say it would play this Halloween song I learned in preschool
"Have you seen the ghost of john? long white bones, but the rest are goooone. ooooh ooooh hooo hooooo! wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on?"

now imagine my twin brother and I singing this on a home video with fierce jersey accents for 4 yr olds!

aka @GrayDayShop

Melissa Righero said...

Ummm...Hold on...Let me pick my jaw up from the floor.

Marcia said...

Beautiful! This looks so contemporary.
Fun songs so about "I was walking with a ghost" by Tegan and Sara?
Also, have you ever read "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell to Severen? I bet he'd love it.

Wild Tea Party said...

Can I say it... It's really punny.... What a HOOT this locket is! ;) It's just bonkers amazing. If that was in my jewellery box, I'd be tempted to wear it... oh, everyday forever?!

And my song bet? Monster Mash!

Irene :: { Heirloom Attire } :: said...

"Zombie Zoo" by Tom Petty!

olygirl said...

The Who "who are you" or in this case whooooo are you hooo hooo hooo hooo. :)

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

omg, it has devil horns! You keep topping yourself, Duff. I think the owl should play something by Nick Cave.

ashhlet said...

This locket is so awesome!but I'm feeling a little more sentimental than spooky so I'll go with the song Shenandoah ( a little weird?)

sweet sukha said...

hall of the mountain king, of course!

steph.kelley said...

Cute yet diabolical — I would never have thought it possible, yet there it is! You are right and you are adorable. Maybe even as adorable as this owl. xoxoxo

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