Friday, June 21, 2013

For Her Majesty

In honor of the anniversary of the first day of Queen Victoria's reign, which began 176 years ago yesterday (June 20, 1837) I listed this ring. It features one of her favorite stones - turquoise. I think my favorite thing about this piece is the range of color in the natural pearls and in the turquoise. I also love the rose gold band and setting. This pairing of seed pearls and turquoise was especially popular in the Late Victorian period, with rubies and diamonds occasionally making an appearance, too. These rings are easy to recognize because of three things: a geometrically framed face set with patterns of calibre cut turquoise and seed pearls, rose gold setting, and decorative chasing on the shoulders. Here are a few other rings in the same style from around the web (images linked).


Anonymous said...

This is stunning Duff! Truly one of your greatest finds!

No Carnations said...

so awesome!

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