Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Miriam and Fred, 1937

My Aunt gave me this original photograph of my grandparents earlier this spring after my grandma's memorial service. I was nearly speechless. It was snapped around 1937, possibly in Chicago. It looks like summertime which means my grandparents - Miriam and Fred - had only been married for about six months. My grandma is twenty-two in this photo, the same age as Edith Piaf across the ocean (who had just been "discovered" and was starting to record music). It is difficult to imagine the world that they were walking around in at that time. The country was segregated. Women had been voting for less than twenty-years. The Great Depression was just coming to an end and World War II was looming, although they didn't know that. The Golden Gate Bridge had just opened for traffic in May. Amelia Earhart was about to disappear. And they were just out for a walk, a young couple with no kids (yet!) stopping for a photo. What did they imagine their life would be like together? What were they worried about? What were they looking forward to?


No Carnations said...

And they were dressed to the nines... So stylish! You are very lucky to have this photo and the wondrous thoughts that accompany it.

Wildfell Hall said...

great pic. I always think the same which is why I love vintage photos so much, I love imagining their lives and what they did each day. p.s. pretty sure Miriam has amazing shoes on.

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