Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The real deal

I wish I could find a suitcase full of these kinds of vintage rings, now all in the ring drawer of the shop - solid gold, emblem or bands, warm patina. They are the essence of "every day," wearable vintage jewelry. You can go to a fundraiser dinner, give your kid a bath or weed the garden in these rings. Always right, never wrong. The ever pertinent Allison Feldman of Teen Angster and Etsy blogging fame once declared that her dream boutique would be full of perfect jeans, soft white t-shirts and simple gold rings. I am in full agreement. This is the stuff that real life and real fashion is made of.


Wildfell Hall said...

agreed. I have also (seriously) tossed around the idea of limiting my shop to a handful of regular items. what works sells....def' food for thought....love those rings.

Unknown said...

These kinds of gold vintage rings will never go out of style. It has timeless style and great value. You will always find one or two of gold ring in an antique shop and it'll always catch the eye of shoppers.

Lorita Littleton @ D & M Estate Buyers

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