Monday, March 31, 2014

Copper and enamel, part one

I am into copper and enamel right now, especially pieces from the 1960s. Not one to normally wear a bracelet stack, I would totally make an exception for these four bracelets. Don't they look rad together?! Like this look? There will be enamel pendants and necklaces to follow mid-week!


Anonymous said...

As a newbie entering the jewelry space, this blog is enlightening. Keep the wisdom coming!

Ana said...

OMG! This pieces are so beautiful, I'm totally in love with them. I found this awesome page when I can buy jewels like this :)

Jesús Esquivia said...

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Unknown said...

So much prettier in person. Very petite and beautiful, understates but simply gorgeous. The picture is nice but we have a million times better antique jewelry .
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Unknown said...

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