Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Original boxes make me happy

"Original box" is a phrase that makes me feel warm all over. When I see antique jewelry like this - "in situ" - I really feel transported to another time. I imagine standing in a jewelry shop, watching the keeper pack up a purchase and closing the box with a little snap. It is also a reminder to me that all of these things - antiques today - were once brand new, waiting in a shop for someone to try them on and take them home. Here are a few of my favorite examples (all images linked).

Images courtesy of:
Baby ring: Jean Jean Vintage
Turquoise ring: Etsy
Snake necklace and pearl parure: Oro incenso e mirra
Mourning ring: Paris Hotel Boutique
Comb: The Three Graces
Goldstone mosaic ring: Wells Antiques
Etruscan bracelet: Rubylane


Wild Tea Party said...

They make me happy too. The item was clearly so treasured they kept it safe. I wish jewelry always came in beautiful boxes like that these days.

Unknown said...

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