Thursday, March 12, 2015

5th Anniversary Sale


Happy 5th Birthday to Jean Jean Vintage! I listed my first items in the shop five years ago today. I kept my tiny inventory in an old tool box (above), which doubled as the backdrop for my photos. I walked to the post office with my orders in a little purse. There was no Facebook page, no Twitter account, no Instagram, no electronic labels, no fancy camera . . . just Etsy and my little blog. Some of my very first customers from 2010 are still regular visitors to the shop now, five years later, which is a great joy and honor to me.

I almost closed the business in 2012 (inches away!) but I am glad I didn't because it has turned into something bigger and better in the last year or so. I am very pleased to offer fine jewelry now, especially engagement pieces and custom rings, and I have great things in the works for this year. Things will slow down a bit later this spring with the arrival of our second child (!) but the show will go on, I promise. Thank you for coming along on the ride. Here's to five more years.

Please enjoy 20% off the shop for the next few days (March 12-14) 
and THANK YOU for your enthusiasm and support!


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