About Jean Jean

Everything about antiques and jewelry suits me perfectly. As a kid I was obsessed with rocks (fossil hunting, agate hunting, rock polishing) and in college I studied antiquities. I have degrees in archaeology and French but there isn’t much work for Francophile archaeologists so . . . I worked for small retail business out of college. I did specialty buying, customer service training, accounting – a little of everything. Pretty soon I wanted to be the boss and the only thing I could imagine selling was antique jewelry. I got my start in costume jewelry but my focus on fine jewelry and custom pieces should be obvious when you tour the shop today. When I’m looking at a hallmark through my loupe, restoring an Art Deco necklace, or sending an old cut diamond off to GIA, I totally feel like an archaeologist and a rock-hound kid again. Thanks for hiring me for the job of my dreams.