Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The cutest pin in the world

I am proud owner of the cutest pin in the world. I found him yesterday in a cloudy ziplock baggie full of pins in a tupperware bin at a thrift store. First of all, I love enamel so these are all winners to me. But how amazing that they are all ski-themed and done in the prettiest blues? And mostly from the 50s and 60s? I even have two pins from the same resort from different eras. The British Coat of Arms one is the odd-man out, but I like him because he is in French. You can bet I'll be wearing these at the first opportunity next winter.


lauren said...

ahhhhhh! these are so so cool! so coollll!
i want to buy one for chad. i love the ostego one, i really love it. ohhhh geez, these are just so cool duff!

littlebyrd said...

These are so awesome :) I love the one with the little house and smoke coming out of the chimney. Great find!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think you might be right - it's adorable!
This is such an impressive collection, they all look so perfect together! next time i come across little pins like these I'll see them in a new way.

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