Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Mystery of the Red Triangles

About a month ago, I bought a necklace online. It was advertised as a child's necklace because of it's length (13 inches), but I bought it anyway because I loved the chain, I loved the little enamel bits on the filigree sections, and it was obviously from the 20's or 30's -- my favorite jewelry era. When it came in the mail, there were two little "extras" enclosed with it - triangular cut-glass pieces, prong-set and foil-backed (to make them more sparkly). The seller wrote me a note saying, "I think these go with the necklace, not sure how."

Then last night I stumbled across the Yellow Twin of my necklace online at Amber's Attic. Lo and behold -- the mystery of the triangular stones was solved! They do indeed belong with the necklace. So I put my necklace "back together" very carefully this morning, the way it was when it was first sold/worn some 80 years ago. Now it is more beautiful and more wearable. Here is what it looks like now, side by side with it's Yellow Twin.

Oh - last thing: I was THIS CLOSE to using the cut-glass triangles to decorate a present that I just gave a friend. I'm sure glad I decided against it! Otherwise I would be calling her right now saying, "Hey, remember when I gave you that package tied with the fancy ribbon and the sparkly things? Do you still have the sparkly things? I need them back, please."

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lauren said...

This is so great Duff! I love this post and what timing on all of this. What's more if your red necklace is so much like the one I got for my birthday!

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