Thursday, May 20, 2010


I went to an antique mall with my mom today. She had never been to an antique mall before, so she was pretty overwhelmed (it was cute). I found some spectacular jewelry, most of it from my favorite era - 1910s-1930s. Click on the description to see them in the shop!

1/ Czech brass, rhinestone and faux pearl necklace
2/ Pink quartz and sterling drop necklace
3/ 14K gold-filled locket
4/ Czech brass, green mottled glass and jade choker
5/ Belgian lace pendant necklace
6/ 14K gold lavalier with coral
7/ A necklace that looks like grape bubble gum in the shape of carved flowers (SOLD)
8/ rhinestone stud earrings
9/ sterling silver ring
10/ faceted glass bracelet with gold-filled findings (SOLD)


Maria Casteel said...

dear belgian lace pendant necklace, i love you. you should come live at my house.

lauren said...

oh good work!
i think #5 has to be my favesies!

Wild Tea Party said...

I'm fairly sure I need to have 2, 7 and 10! And 4. I sense my purse getting lighter...

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Ooooh, lovely! Yeah, #5 grabbed me immediately, too, and I can see I'm in good company. Bet that won't sit in your shop long!

littlebyrd said...

wow wow wow wow and wow!

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