Monday, September 27, 2010

In production

| Jean Jean Vintage's newest arrivals, on their way to the shop soon |

1. PEWABIC 1940s necklace
2. CLADDAGH HEART 1930s locket

3. PORTHOLE 1930s locket
4. VICTORIAN MOURNING 1890s brooch
5. ROCK IN THE LANE 1940s locket
6. CARTIER STYLE 1940s clip
7. SHOOTING STAR 1940s clip
8. PERCHING PARROT 1940s brooch
9. TOMATILLO 1930s earrings
10. HOPE BROTHERS 1920s lavalier
11. LAST HYACINTH 1910s bracelet

12. TORRONE D'HIVER 1930s necklace


Wild Tea Party said...

2 is gorgeous!

Zohar said...

Gorgeous items, as usual! I love the 1940 earrings :)

Amy said...

Dibs on the coral lavalier!

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