Friday, December 17, 2010

He stole my heart

Sometimes I buy a locket because I fall in love with the person inside. That's what happened here. This locket is spectacular - early 1920s, manufactured by the Marathon Company, sterling silver, designed to be worn on a ribbon, etc. All great statistics, but nothing compared to the picture inside: A black and white portrait of a young American soldier posed in his WWI Army uniform. He is so darn handsome, with his serene expression and his arms crossed. He is wearing his felt Montana peaked hat and a well-fitted tunic with large buttons and several pockets. What happened to him? How and where did he serve in the war? Who wore this locket and carried his picture? More importantly, who will take care of him now? I just listed this piece in the shop, and so his story continues . . .

(Note: Marathon makes great lockets so if you ever see their mark and the price is right, buy it up and add it to your collection.)

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KristiMcMurry said...

you find the coolest things. I love seeing things with a story behind them!

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