Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shrimp hair

Yesterday I drove to Ann Arbor to take a friend out for a birthday lunch and run some errands. It was nice to have a day "out" in the world - sometimes working from home gets so lonely! I'm feeling some kicks from the lad these days which is pretty extraordinary. I think he must have long legs like his dad. Speaking of his dad, Mr. Jean Jean loves it when I do my hair like this. He calls it my "shrimp hair."

{dress} Odille from Anthropology, a gift from Lauren
{ring} my Ostby & Barton cameo, story here
{necklace} a sterling silver Bliss Brother's Co. locket w/a picture of a guy inside who looks exactly like a young Jeff Bridges


lauren said...

i declare, i do love that dress on you. and shrimp hair too!

Maria Casteel said...

you look so adorable, duff! i love those little husband/wife inside jokes. so special. and i can't imagine what an incredible feeling it is to feel that little guy kick.

Anne said...

You are beautiful in that dress!

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty! I love the whole outfit and I love your hair.

No Carnations said...

Shrimp hair looks great on you and I betcha its cool in the Summer. Your dress looks like Summer perfection as well!

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