Monday, March 5, 2012

Pretty pairs

1920s Peking glass ring / 1920s glass flapper beads
1930s Victorian Revival branch coral pin  / 1900s Victorian branch coral earrings
1950s Weiss rhinestone brooch  / 1950s rhinestone earrings
1940s carved shell cameo / 1920s crest earrings

Happy Monday! My little family and I are off to Minneapolis today for Spring Break. I worked up a little shop update for you laaattte last night before dropping into bed. I hope you enjoy the pairings! All of these pieces are available at the top of the shop.

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steph.kelley said...

Aren't those crest earrings precious. The coral pieces are certainly unique — much more lovely and intriguing than the awful South Italian coral jewelry that stuffs absolutely every icky souvenir shop! :D xoxoxo

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