Saturday, March 10, 2012

Toms for tiny feet

Of all the miniature things out there, I think that tiny shoes have to be the cutest.  I think the baby/kiddie shoes from TOM'S are great. I see a pair or two in Severen's future.

Images courtesy of Toms.


steph.kelley said...

Oh cute. And comfy. Want. :) xoxo

Evelyn said...

they're cute and super comfy, my 6 yo thinks she can run faster with them on.

Anonymous said...

They certainly are cute! I see my son wrecking a pair in mere moments. Ha ha. As unstylish as they are, seems my son lives in his Crocs in warmer months.

Anonymous said...

Tiny baby shoes are the cutest! I love these.
Have you seen the tiny converses you can get? I couldn't resist buying a pair for my friend's baby a few years ago. :)

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