Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My ears like this

I found out about the album Chinoiseries by Onra from my friend Tom. He has the absolute best taste in music, at least to my ears. Speaking of ears, do you ever wonder why you like the sounds/music you do? Personally, I feel like I have no control over my musical taste. It feels instinctual, like all the other senses. I mean you can't train your nose to love a perfume, can you? You either like it or you don't on the first sniff. So take a sniff/listen here and see what you think.

The Anthem by Onra on Grooveshark
I Wanna Go Back by Onra on Grooveshark
The Vallee Of Love by Onra on Grooveshark


Laura Ciernia said...

oh w o w!
Love it!! Thank you Mme Jean Jean!

gs said...

I love it too! i just wish all the songs were more than a minute long! :\


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